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About Reverend Arlette – Wedding Officiant:

Reverend Arlette Poland has been an interreligious ordained minister through the Emerson New Thought Center since 2004.

Her ministry is Listen Within Ministries.

As a result of Rev. Arlette’s graduate school education (Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion) and work (University Professor), she

has gained extensive knowledge about many of the World’s Religions along with their rituals and traditions.

About The Clients And The Ceremonies:

The ceremonies are non-denominational or interreligious.

The people who appreciate and prefer to work with Rev. Arlette are those who wish a personal and deepening event as they

experience their ceremony.

The clients are ready for someone to guide and perhaps inspire them while opening new vistas of consciousness. Rev Arlette’s

clients are interested in a spiritual experience – sometimes with – sometimes without – a god or goddess.

But always, clients who prefer Rev. Arlette want their Inner Wisdom based in love and commitment as the foundational

intention for every aspect of the ceremony and of their life together.


(If locations or meetings are more than 20 miles one way from South Palm Desert, add travel expense)


Initial meeting, confirmation of date availability and setting up package by phone or internet – No Charge.


The basic ceremony (a quick review sent to Client for approval by email) – $107. No rehearsal.


Assistance or guidance with vows and/or work on basic ceremony – with one face-to-face meeting and any further guidance

over phone or internet - $195.


Rehearsal dinner, one additional face-to-face meeting, plus assistance with vows and ceremony via internet or phone - $265.


Two coaching sessions prior to counsel clients and/or help with vows and ceremony over phone or internet, along with

rehearsal dinner - $400. (One coaching session prior to counsel - $300.).

All Prices Are Subject To Change.

Payment may be received in cashier’s check or cash. One half of payment must be received when the date, time and place

are confirmed and booked. The remainder of payment must be received on the day of the ceremony, before we begin.

Refunds for work not yet performed only on a prorated basis.