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As an Inner Life Coach, my contribution to your life’s success emerges from UNcovery of your Inner Life. Your Inner Life is the source and core of your sustainable joy and success.

UNcovery is the activity of learning and knowing that there is nothing about you to rescue, to save or to change. There is only UNcovery of your own Inner Life and Wisdom that is always present, always trustworthy and always ready.

Your Inner Life and Wisdom are the source and core of your gifts and talents as well as of your precious, sustainable happiness and peace. Are you ready to reclaim these? They are already within waiting for you to return to them.

Events in the course of our lives often distract us from experiencing and expressing our Inner Joyous Wisdom.

Arlette And Vashti

Confusion, impatience and desperation are among the early warning signs that tell us we have strayed from our Inner Wisdom.

UNcovery towards that Inner Life and Wisdom involves a journey that gently and consistently focuses your attention on the effect of your thoughts, attitudes, judgments, language and opinions.

In short, UNcovery involves that active realization that your thoughts, intentions and words - sometimes subconsciously and sometimes consciously – can significantly contribute to or harm the fullest and healthiest expressions and experiences of your Inner Life and Wisdom.

Your gifts and talents are the expression of your own Inner Life. They are needed right now on our planet. Delay is harmful to us all.

I invite you to allow me to Coach you - and be here with and for you – now.

With Respect, Joy and Gratitude,

Arlette Poland, J.D., PhD

Inner Life Coach

Ordained Inter-Religious Minister
   Listen Within Ministries ©

Are you ready?

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Inner Life Coaching Sessions:
Suggested donation of $49-$149 per hour. Suggested minimum of one hour per week. No maximum.